Attendees: Melanie West, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick, Ross Morgan, Tammy Morgan, Joyce Garr, Toni Moore

Call to Order 7pm by Melanie West

Secretary Report: Meeting minutes are made available on the website. Secretary tries to have them posted by the weekend following the meeting.

Treasurer Report: Current balance in checking $8352.61, Total balance in savings $8269.43. $5000 in instrument purchases have not yet come out of that total. $2500 for uniform purchase has not come out of that total yet either.

Old business:

Magic Show by David Gerard scheduled for October 5 at 7pm. He is a well known magician who has performed at Thunder Over Louisville and performed on Penn & Teller “Fool Me”. Mr. Morgan will handle advertising, will target elementary and middle school students and their families. The question was posed whether or not to sell concessions during the show. Mr. Morgan will check with principal Margo Whisman to find out what types of snacks will be approved, thinking maybe popcorn, candy and bottled waters. 4 Ticket takers will be needed for this show and they will also sell the concessions at intermission if allowed. The website will be set up to take online ticket sales with credit card payment. Cost online ahead of time is $8 for adults and $5 for kids. Tickets at the door will be $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

Spring 2020 Trip – Looking at playing the National Anthem at a Cincinnati Cyclones Hockey game on Friday January 3. Even though the band will play, tickets to the game will still have to be purchased and Mr. Morgan does not want for the students to have to pay for this expense. Reserved a block of 150 seats and those seats will be used for the students and sold to family and friends who want to come and watch. Would like to make it so the kids can spend the night and go to Jungle Jim’s on Saturday and then Newport on the Levee. Return would be Saturday night, school board will not allow trip to run into Sunday without a significant educational advantage in doing so.

Puerto Rico 2021 – Mr. Morgan has put together a complete proposal for the board for a trip to Puerto Rico in March of 2021. Further updates will be given as they are obtained.

Booster meeting dates WILL VARY this year. The booster meetings are always held at 7pm and will be held on these dates:

10/22/19;   11/26/19 (pie night);  12/19/19;  1/30/20;   2/27/20;  3/26/20;   4/30/20. Banquet will be held in May 2020.

Christmas concert is scheduled for 12/12/19. There will not be a fall concert due to the late start to the school year.

End of meeting 8:06pm



Attendees: Ross Morgan, Tammy Fust, Glenda Wilborn, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick, Melanie West, Michelle Moore, Joyce Garr, Leslie TIndall, Brian West, Maggie Terry, Rob Terry, Dan Cerlan, Debbie McKnight, Amanda Mullins, Tiffany Embers

Call to Order 6:35pm by Melanie West

Board Introductions

Secretary’s Report given by Meghann Frederick. Motion to approve by Glenda WIlborn, Seconded by Leslie TIndall

Treasurer Report by Chris Frederick, No changes from last report. Motion to Approve by Glenda WIlborn, Seconded by Leslie Tindall

New Business:

Showcase April 11. This is an event to welcome students coming from Collins to SCHS with the districting change. 8-12 band members will perform at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30 for 20 minutes each time. Band students will stay after school and be fed pizza for dinner. Band students will be dismissed around 7pm. Band members should wear Pep Band Shirt or East Middle Polo.

Combined Concert May 9 for 6-12. This will begin at 7pm and will be a ticketed event. Adults $5, Students (not band) $3, children 5 and under are free. The concert will last approximately 1 hour.

Step Up Instrument Meeting with Conrad Music Services in the SCHS band room on May 20 from 5-7pm. Conrad will bring intermediate and professional levels of instruments for students and their parents to see, try and decide if it is time to step up the instrument type. As beginners, musicians need instruments that are built to stand up to heavy use and abuse. As the musician grows, the need for a better instrument comes into play as different levels offer more notes to be played on that instrument. There is no pressure, only information and a chance to try the instruments and speak with Conrad if you are interested in upgrading. Conrad allows renters to apply all funds already paid into a student model instrument to be applied to the balance of an intermediate instrument!

Horse Show – 9-12 band plays August 1st, the National Anthem at approximately 6pm. Band students are to report to the band room at 5pm, they will be bussed to the fairgrounds. Band will perform and then be bussed back to SCHS with arrival at the band room around 7:30pm. If a student needs to stay at the fairgrounds or be released to a parent at the fairgrounds, a PRE-SIGNED note will be required. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED. We need 6 volunteers for each shift. Thursday and Friday there are one shift each from 4:30-9pm. Saturday there are two shift, one from 4:30-9pm and one from 9-11pm, though often this shift wraps early. Sign Ups will be posted on the band website.


Venue has been changed to Broadbent Arena. The 9-11 grade band members will play. The day of graduation, 9-11 band members need to meet at SCHS at 8am. Students will be bussed to the arena. After graduation is over, those students will be taken to Main Event. This is OPTIONAL to participate in HOWEVER ALL STUDENTS WHO DO NOT PARTICIPATE WILL NEED TO BE PICKED UP FROM MAIN EVENT. Those who participate will be bussed back to the high school. The cost is $29 and gets you: 2 slices of pizza, a medium soft drink, 4 hours of unlimited bowling, ropes course and laser tag, and a 2 hour game card for unlimited arcade games (not the games that earn tickets/prizes). Participants will return to SCHS around 4pm.

Band Banquet

The TENTATIVE date for the band banquet is May 23. It will be held again at Claudia Sanders, if a minimum of 125 people plan to attend. The band boosters will contribute to paying for band members meals making the meal $10 for band students and $15 per person for others. Vote held for boosters to contribute up to $365 to reduce the cost of the meal for band members. Motion made by Maggie Terry and seconded by Dan Cerlan. Motion carried.

Band Camp 9-12

Scheduled for August 5-8 from 8am -4pm. Students need to wear tennis shoes AND socks NO FLIP FLOPS. Bring Sunscreen, water bottles and a sack lunch daily. THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS TO A REFRIGERATOR OR MICROWAVE. Please plan accordingly.

The first football game that the boosters will grill at is September 27. There will be other games before that in which the band will play.

Old Business:

Budget as prepared by Ross Morgan and Tammy Fust:

2019-2020 School Year ESTIMATED Income:

Horse show $1750, Grill $5000, Pies $2000, Rocket Games $400, Magic Show $800, Kroger Cards $1200. Total: $11,150

Estimated Expenditures:

New instruments $9000 ($4000 for two oboes and one $5000 bassoon), Marching Uniforms up to $1500 for replacements/additions, Concert attire $1500 (there will be a buy back program where the band will buy back tuxes for $45 and dresses for $25 and then in years to come students will rent their concert attire from the band), Spring trip $2000. Total $14,000

Estimated Three Year Budget Plan:

2019-2020 school year – see above

2020-2021 school year: $1500 for concert attire and marching uniforms, $7000 for instruments and $2000 for spring trip

2021-2022 school year: $1500 concert attire, $6000 for instruments

“Bottom Line” – Minimum balance to be allowed across all band accounts at any given time is a total of $5000.

Magic Show: Date has been set for October 5, 2019 (Saturday). Debbie McKnight suggests that there be a period of time where the band is allowed to play at the show.

ROCKET GAMES – 7 workers needed for April 25, 2019 from 11am-2pm. Sign ups to be posted on the website

Kings Island: Grades 7-12 will go on the same day, April 27. This is an all day event. Deadline for sign up for 7th grade has passed. Deadline for grades 8-12 is the Monday after Spring Break.

Spring 2020 trip information: the trip was not discussed at the last school board meeting, should be discussed at the April 11 meeting then Mr. Morgan can go back to the travel agency.

Motion to adjourn by Melanie West at 7:40pm, Seconded by Leslie Tindall

EMS and SCHS Band Boosters: February 28, 2019


Attendees:                  Dan Cerlan                  Chris Frederick           Meghan Frederick

Cathy McKnight         Leslie Tindall              Brian West

Melanie West              Glenda Wilborn

Directors:                   Tammy Fust and Ross Morgan


Call to order: 7:00 p.m. by Chris Frederick


Secretary’s report:    Minutes distributed from last meeting (11/20/2018). No questions, concerns, or issues. Motion to accept Glenda Wilborn, Second by Melanie West. Motion approved.


Treasurer’s report:   Several reports presented by Chris Frederick, to catch up from previous months with no meetings. Current balances: $17,509.84 ($9254.74 checking/8255.10 Savings) Boosters requested a 3 year spending plan from directors.  Report accepted.


Old Business: Discussion about communicating to parents to include updating website & more text communications.


New Business:

  • Officer elections – Since no nominee was opposed or challenged, all nominees considered elected to positions. Thank you to all who are willing to serve!

President – Melanie West

                        Vice President – Glenda Wilborn

                        Treasurer – Chris Frederick

                        Secretary – Meghann Frederick

                        Grill Master – Dan Cerlan

  • Magic Show – Mr. Morgan to look at fall dates, $1500 to reserve magician.
  • Rocket Games – 4/25/2019 with limited menu: Burgers/hot dogs, Chips, drinks. Director Morgan to inquire about pre-orders. Grill master needs 2 week notice for supplies
  • Funding East vs West – with WMS split between SCHS and MLCHS – no funding plan for WMS from SCHS/EMS boosters at this time.
  • Kings Island – 4/27/19 – will be opened up to all band students grade 6-12 instead of just middle school. SCHS information to follow.
  • Spaghetti Dinner – 3/4/19 @ EMS – Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Salad, & Beverage available.
  • Summer/Next year plans – discussion deferred to next meeting.
  • Bills mailed – Director Morgan has mailed bills for outstanding band fees.
  • Solo & Ensemble – Saturday 3/2 students who are riding the bus should report to EMS and SCHS @ 8:00 a.m.
  • Concert Festival – 3/12 Middle School & 3/14 SCHS, both during school day at North Oldham.
  • Band Banquet – discussion deferred to next meeting.
  • Cruise Ship – Director Morgan will work with travel agent that planned Washington DC to look at trips for next year.
  • Fundraiser approvals – discussion deferred to next meeting.
  • Monthly budget submission – discussion deferred to next meeting.


NEXT Booster Meeting 3/21/2019 – Includes grill food!

Motion to adjourn at 8:36 p.m. – Meghann Frederick, Second by Chris Frederick, motion approved.


SCHS & EMS Band Boosters:          

11/20/2018 EMS and SCHS Band Booster Meeting


Chris Frederick Meghann Frederick George Gardner Huun Gardner

Joyce Garr Leslie Tindall Melanie West Glenda Wilborn

Band Directors: Tammy Fust and Ross Morgan

Call to order:   7:32pm by Chris Frederick

Secretary’s report: Minutes distributed from 11/1/18 booster meeting. No questions,concerns or issues. Motion to accept as written by Glenda Wilborn, Second by Melanie West, Motion approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Nothing to report

Old Business:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra trip – will leave the school as soon as the bus arrives for pickup.

Pie Bake complete – pie pick-up scheduled for Wednesday 11/21 from 9-11am & 5-7pm. Leftover pies to be donated to local charities.

New Business:

SCHS Christmas concert date has moved to 12/11/2018 at 7pm. Attire for this concert is Christmas casual.

Dresses and Tuxes – will be scheduling a time for measurements coming up. Also in the spring, we will be discussing options for a buyback program or other options. Most likely to be brought up in March meeting.

Upcoming events – Basketball scheduled with dates/times and band members handed out. Important to note, double header nights will require both pep bands to report. Other important dates to be communicated with Meghann Frederick to publish to the Booster website. Senior night will be during a basketball game in February.

Trips being planned – 2 small trips for next spring are in the works: for grades 9-12, a trip to Sandusky Ohio and for grades 7-8 – the honor winds – will go to North Carolina. More information to come as it becomes available.

Motion to Adjourn at 7:55pm by Melanie West, second by Glenda Wilborn, motion approved.

  August 16, 2018



Deb Cerlan                 Chris Frederick         Meghann Frederick  Ronnie McKissick

Jelena Perry               Leslie Tindall             Melanie West             Glenda Wilborn

Band Directors:       Ross Morgan                         Tammy Fust

Call to order: 7p.m. by Chris Frederick

Secretary’s report: Minutes distributed from July 19 booster meeting.  No questions, issues, or corrections requested.  Motion to accept as written by Rebecca Dingbaum, Second by Glenda Wilborn, Motion approved.

Treasurer’s report: Report by Meghann Frederick.  Balance of $5,882.21 in the main account.  Motion to accept by Jelena Perry, Second by Rebecca Dingbaum, Motion approved.

Old Business: 

Horse Show – There was some challenges with staffing the gates at the horse show.  There were two (2) shifts that had three (3) out of six (6) people did not show up for.  Out of five (5) shifts, there were two (2) shifts that were half staffed.  The Boosters recommend that there is some sort of communication about fundraisers and overall budget impact to the band budget as many parents aren’t aware of the impact that each fundraiser has overall.

Sponsorship – Jelena reported she has received two sponsors at this time.  She has been dropping off flyers and will reach back out and touch base with the businesses she has given information to.  Jelena asked that if anyone is willing to help, please take some flyers to drop off at any business members frequent.  There have been two sponsors/money submitted.  PNG images to be submitted by Monday morning so that the logo can add to the banner.  Director Morgan reported that the banners were priced at the following:

$150 for a 4’ x 6’ with 8 – 16” x 16” squares for Gold sponsor logos

$80 for 4’ x 6’ with 12” x 12” squares

$80 for 3’ x 4’ food banner with 2” lettering

Grill Menu – Food pricing adjusted to remove cents from the price to make money handling easier.  Pricing recommended as Hot dogs – $2, Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers – $4, Brats – $3, Ribeye sandwich – $6, Potato wedges – $3, Deep-fried Oreos – $1, and Chicken tenders – $4.

Website Manager – Discussion last meeting determined that Leslie Tindall would provide information to Meghann Frederick regarding communications that comes through SCHS students for website updates.

New Business and discussion:

Specialty items – wings and things– discussion for adding specialty items to the game menus.  Since the fryer is currently utilized constantly during football games, the motion was made to purchase a new fryer to assist in the wait times and to potentially add other specialty items to the menu in the future.  Motion for purchase one additional fryer approved.

Refrigerator – Grill master looking for small refrigerator to store condiments in between games.  Director Fust reported that she had one in her band room that she would be willing to have brought up to the SCHS band room for us to use during the season.

Communications – Shelby County schools is no longer using the One-Call system.  Director Morgan to look into participating with the Remind app as a means for communicating with students and parents.

Tuba Covers – Director Morgan requests that the boosters purchase 4 new Tuba covers @ approximately $28 each plus shipping.  After discussion, since in the next year or two, there will be a need for more, the purchase should cover 7 Tuba Covers in order to save on shipping, ensure they are all identical and hopefully prevent having to order new ones in the next year or so.  Motion to purchase 7 approved.

Tailgating for students – Director Morgan stated that on game days, students will be required to stay after school  in order to practice and to participate in tailgating activities as a group.  Supper will be provided either by pizza or some other type of takeout.

Amazon Smile – % of purchase for Amazon purchases donated to our program.  Melanie West volunteered to look into this as an option for the Boosters.

Tuxedos – question regarding are there options for students who have outgrown previously purchased tuxes?  Director Morgan stated that he has looked into pricing and would try to look further into other options for next year to try.  For this year, another purchase is necessary.

Invoice charging – question about when the single invoice/list of required fees for each student will be distributed.  Director Morgan stated that he had distributed the list to students, then collected them back.  Once he has reviewed and copied them, the invoices will be sent home to parents for payment.

Motion to adjourn by Leslie Tindall, seconded by Melanie West. Motion approved, meeting adjourned at approximately 8:03 pm.


Next football game:  9/7/2018

Next booster meeting: 9/27/18 @ 7:00pm.


SCHS & EMS Band Boosters: July 19, 2018


Deb Cerlan, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick, Hyun Gardner,

Alice Jesse, Jelena Perry, Leslie Tindall, Brian West,

Melanie West, Glenda Wilburn

Band Directors: Ross Morgan, Tammy Fust

Call to order: 7 p.m. by Chris Frederick

Secretary’s report: Nothing to report by Leslie Tindall

Treasurer’s report: Report by Chris Frederick, nothing new to report since last meeting. Balance of $6,280.81 in main account, $3,056.12 in savings. Motion to accept by Joyce Garr, Second by Glenda Wilburn, Motion approved.

Old Business:

Reminder that the horse show is scheduled for August 1-4 and there is still a need for volunteers to work the gates as a fund raising event. In addition, students will be playing at the opening ceremony and they will be riding a bus to and from the fairgrounds unless there is written permission given to one of the band directors. Students should be picked up at SCHS at 7:30pm. Students will be provided pizza and drinks in the band room prior to transport to the fairgrounds. Students are to wear Jeans and Pep Band Shirts.

Band Camp took place 7/18 through 7/20. There were 37 students in attendance plus 10 additional students unable to attend camp. There are still 8 students that is not known whether are participating in band 2018/2019 school year. There could be up to 55 students in the SCHS band this fall. The overall make-up of the band is very brass heavy, but still very workable. 75% of the band is 9th and 10th graders, but there is a great deal of talent overall.

New Instruments purchased with the money ($20K) from the school board: 3 Conversion Tubas (dual use for marching and concert band), 2 Baritones, 2 French Horns, 1 Bass Clarinet and another snare drum.

New Business:

Director Morgan reported that this year, he would distribute a single invoice containing an itemized list of all expenses for students with the first few weeks of school. The idea is to try to avoid the “nickel and diming” for needed items at the beginning of the school year. Expected communication will go home with students and possibly mailed to homes and/or emailed to parents. Every effort will be made to ensure parents get the information.

Per the Directors, there is still a need for additional instrument purchases costing approximately $20K over the next 2 years. Instruments include another Tuba, a Bassoon, 2 Oboes, and then reevaluate/recycle through the percussion equipment.

Jelena Perry volunteered to explore getting sponsorship in place to assist with expenses. Director Morgan tasked Jelena with providing him names of sponsors and level of sponsorship by August 10, 2018 so that he can get a new concession stand sign made in time for the first football game. Suggested levels of sponsorship include $50 White level, $100 Blue level, and $250 Gold level with increasing exposure based on level of sponsorship.

First Football game of the season is on August 24, 2018. That is also the back to school tailgating event from 5:30-7:00 with game kick off at 7:30. There will be sign up list added to the Shelbycountyband.com website soon.

Next meeting for band booster will be held on Thursday, August 19, 2018.

Motion to adjourn – Brian West, Seconded by Melanie West – motion approved, meeting concluded at approximately 7:55pm.


April 26, 2018


Attendees: Glenda Wilborn, Leslie Tindall, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Chris Kremer, Ross Morgan, Tammy Fust, Dan and Deb Cerlan, Joyce Garr, Melanie West


Call to Order by Chris Frederick 7:03pm


Secretary Report: Review minutes from February meeting (March meeting was cancelled due to weather). Motion to approve minutes made by Leslie Tindall. Second by Joyce Garr. Minutes approved.


Treasurer Report: Current balance as of today $7181.31. Savings balance $3054.61. Grill account balance is pending after the Rocket Games event held today. Motion to approve treasurer report by Chris Kremer, second by Glenda Wilborn. Report approved.


Old Business:


Elections. Current nominees are: President – Chris Frederick, Vice President – Glenda Wilborn, Treasurer – Meghann Frederick, Secretary – Leslie Tindall, Grill Master – Brian West. No last minute additions to the nominees. Unanimous vote to elect nominees as listed.


Kings Island – 7th grade band members plus 2 8th grade trumpet players. Trip is scheduled for May 12. This is not an overnight trip.


Honor Winds – Comprised of 7th and 8th grade band members from East Middle School, West Middle School, Shelby County High School and Martha Layne Collins High School. Trip is planned to St. Louis to include Six Flags May 18-19. Rehearsals are going very well and all monies have been turned in.


Band Banquet – Date changed to May 24th from 6-9pm. Quote received from Claudia Sanders was originally for $13.99. When final numbers came in with gratuity it came out to $16.51 per person, no kids menu/pricing. The initial budget was no more than $15 per person. Several other options were proposed including getting quotes from KenTex BBQ and Mark’s Feed Store and holding the event either at the park under a shelter or in the school cafeteria. Dan Cerlan is going to call and find out about the picnic shelter, Melanie West is going to call and check on pricing for Mark’s Feed Store. Ross Morgan is going to check with the cafeteria to find out if it is available that date and time. Mr. Morgan will make the final decisions based on all of the information gathered, still maintaining a budget of no more than $15 per person.


There will be several awards handed out at the band banquet that the boosters will need to purchase. There are 16 distinguished solo medals and 35 distinguished ensemble medals totaling $208. There will be 8 senior awards with a maximum budget of $20 each, totaling $160. Letters will need to be purchased for the freshman totaling approximately $120. Motion to approve up to $500 to purchase awards made by Glenda Wilborn. Second by Joyce Garr. Motion carried.

Combined Concert scheduled for May 17. This will be for all band members, 6-12 grades and will be held at SCHS at 7pm. Tickets will be required, $5 for adults, $3 for students, ages 5 and under are free. Due to the size of this event, two tables for ticket sales will be required, meaning we need 4 volunteers. Volunteers need to arrive at 6:15pm. Sign ups will be set up on the band website. Volunteers who signed up at the meeting include Deb Cerlan and Joyce Garr.


New Business:


Large Ensemble Assessment went very well, despite snow delay. Sixth grade received a proficient overall and a distinguished in sight reading. 7th grade received an overall distinguished. 8th grade received an overall proficient. 9-12 grades received a distinguished across the board and were invited to go to the state level. This unfortunately will not be possible this year due to several conflicts including end of year testing, school trips, and inability to secure a school bus for the dates. However, tapes are going to be submitted for the state level for KMEA.


Horse show dates for 2018 are Aug 1-4. The high school band will play the national anthem on August 1 (this is the first day of school). A bus will take students from the school to the fairgrounds and parents will  need to pick up their students from the fairgrounds. The boosters will supply a pizza dinner from Little Caesars for band members.


Mr. Morgan received the final word from principal Margo Whisman that the band program will in fact receive a $20,000 grant. Mr. Morgan and Ms. Fust have developed a plan for needed instruments for both programs in the coming 4 years and have asked for 2 quotes. Within 4 years, the high school will need 4 convertible tubas, 3 oboes and a bassoon. The middle school will need a ¾ size tuba, a bass clarinet, 3 french horns and 3 baritones. The total cost for all needs was quoted by Buddy Rogers as $39,000. The $20,000 grant will be divided amongst the two programs with the high school program receiving $12,000 and the middle school program receiving $8,000, the difference as related to the cost of the instrumentation needed for each program.


The emergency band phone (the new one) has broken as well. The boosters will need to provide a new one. Meghann Frederick brought up the possibility of a prepaid phone plan that is paid monthly where a better device is obtained than the $50 Tracphones. Dan Cerlan encouraged to find out if the school has a plan that the band can get a phone and be placed on with the boosters paying for the monthly fees. Mr. Morgan is going to look into this.


This is the final band booster meeting for the 2017-2018 school year. The first meeting for the 2018-2019 school  year will be held July 19 at 7pm. A schedule for events between now and the start of the school year was handed out and will be added to the website.


Motion to close meeting made by Chris Kremer. 2nd by Leslie Tindall. Meeting dismissed at 8:05pm.



Attendees: Brian West, Chris Kremer, Nicole Martinez, Shanna Schack, Rebecca Dingbaum, Leslie Tindall, Allison Young, Alice Jesse, Glenda Wilborn, Sally Zaring, Tara Brown, Darrell Brown, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick, Ross Morgan, Tammy Oerther

Call to Order:  7:05pm

Introductions amongst attendees, many new faces this month, so happy!

Secretary report reviewed. Motion to approve by Glenda Wilborn, second by Chris Kramer. Motion carried.

Treasurer report. Current balance total $11,961.35; checking 8074.23, savings unchanged at $3051.53. Grill account balance has not changed since last meeting.  Motion to approve report by Leslie Tindall, second by Tara Brown. Motion carried.

Old Business:

DC Trip: Depart March 26 at 9:30PM and arrive back at SCHS at 7:30AM on March 30

Kings Island: 7th graders 1st payment due March 6 of $35

Honor Winds for 7th and 8th grade trip to St. Louis/Six Flags. Rehearsals start April 10.

Rocket Games: April 26. Grilling event. NEED VOLUNTEERS FROM 9am -2pm

Proposed Lunch Grill Out Date: Friday April 13. Need grillers and delivery people.

Officer Nominations currently stand as:  Chris Frederick – President. Glenda Wilborn – Vice President. Meghann Frederick – Treasurer. Leslie Tindall – Secretary. Brian West – Grill Master

New Business:

Band Banquet for grades 8-12 to be held May 10 in the SCHS Cafeteria at 6pm. Event will be catered, tickets will be around $12.50 each. Will seek a quote from Linda Aldridge for catering. Motion to approve projected ticket cost made by Glenda Wilborn, second by Alice Jesse. Motion carried.

Spaghetti Dinner for middle school will be held March 1 at East Middle. 5-7pm, $7 for adults, $4 for ages 5-12, children under 5 are free. There will be a bake sale table. Enough parents have already stepped up to volunteer for this event!!

Solo and Ensemble Grades 6-12 will be held March 3 at North Oldham High School. Bus will depart SCHS and East at 9am. Students will need money for lunch. Dress is business/Sunday best.

Large Ensemble Assessment Grade 6-12 at North Oldham High School. 6th grade March 13 at 11:20am, 7th grade March 14 at 10:20am and 8th grade March 14 at 12:20pm. 6-8 grades should wear East Middle Polo and khakis, NO JEANS. 9-12 will be March 15, perform at 2pm and return to SCHS at around 5:30pm. 9-12 should wear concert black.

Fundraisers: HS (8-12) Flower/Candy orders due no later than 2/23/18. Delivery will be 3/12/18. Middle School  Coffee Fundraiser profit was $645.

Spectrum was cancelled for 2018. Working on a possible combined concert for grades 6-12 to be held in the auditorium at SCHS. All students will be on stage or in the pit (the floor in front of the stage), no students will be in the auditorium seats. Looking to be held May 17 at 7pm.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The band program is set to receive $20,000 from the public school system. This will be used almost entirely for new instruments for the middle school so that instruments that belong to the high school can come back to the high school in effect getting needs for instruments for both programs closer to being met.

Motion to dismiss: Glenda Wilborn, second Brian West. Meeting dismissed at 8:05pm


Call to Order 7pm

Attendees: Chris and Meghann Frederick, Darrell and Tara Brown, George and Hyun Gardner, Alice Jesse, Glenda Willborn, Joyce Garr, Tammy Oerther, Ross Morgan

Call to Order by Darrell Brown

Review of printed minutes from last booster meeting. Motion to approve Glenda Willborn, second Joyce Garr. Minutes approved.

Treasurer report: There is approximately $9000 in the checking account, $3000 in savings. Grill Acct Balance $5717.63, profits total 4160.90. We were short one regular season game and 2 playoff games so we did not make as much as last year. This time last year in the grill account there was approximately $9000. This will leave us short starting next year. Motion to approve treasurer report Glenda Willborn, second Joyce Garr. Report approved.

We need to order a cover for the new fryer to protect it from the weather during grilling season without taking it back and forth to the building. It is drained and stored in the building in the off season. Motion to approve expense for cover made by Glenda Willborn, second by Joyce Garr.

There is old grilling equipment under the bleachers on the football field that needs to be disposed off. Snake has offered to haul it away for the benefit of keeping the money from the scrap metal. This would cost us time and money to take care of ourselves. All in attendance agree to let Snake haul off the old equipment.

Middle School Report:

Coffee Fundraiser in process, forms and money due by February 1st.

The St. Louis trip for the honor band is on. The first payment of $65 is due February 1st. The rehearsals will begin the beginning of April.

The last major fundraiser for the middle school this year is the annual Spaghetti Dinner. It is scheduled for March 1 at East Middle School from 4-7pm. This does conflict with the EMS play that will perform that night at the high school but this effects only 4 students and the date is what was available.

High School Report:

Morehead Honor Band – 30 kids out of approx 44 auditioned. The registration cost is $60-65 plus hotel costs, food and bus transportation. The hotel will cost approx $50 per person with quad occupancy. Mr. Morgan requests of the band boosters up to $2000 to subsidize the participation by covering the hotel costs making the cost for each participant $75 plus meals. The clinic is February 15-17. Results will be in next week. Motion to approve the boosters contribution of $2000 made by Meghann Frederick, second by Joyce Garr.

Mr. Morgan reports he is requesting funds from the board to help cover some instrument purchase needs.

The next fundraising plan for the band students to sell things starts Monday February 5 through Century Resources. There are 2 brochures, one that is all sweets and one that are bulbs for spring flowers. The forms and money will be due February 20, delivery will be the week of March 12.

Rocket Games are scheduled for April 26. The band boosters grill at this event. We will need a minimum of 5 volunteers from 9am-2pm. Pricing discussed and will include a hot dog meal deal that includes hot dog, chips, a Little Debbie Snack and a drink for $4. Hamburger/Cheeseburger meal deal $5.

We are going to have 3 dates for grilling outside Kroger by the end of the summer. We will also do one community grill out where we will take orders from local schools and businesses and deliver grilled meals. Dates to be determined.

The last payment for the D.C. trip is in February. The last payment is $149 for students and $179 for adults. The DC trip will leave around 4-5pm that Monday. Plans including visiting the Arlington National Cemetary, the Capital, museums and will perform at the Lincoln Memorial in front of the reflecting pool. Will also visit the holocaust museum, The National Zoo, the National Cathedral, Mt. Vernon and a photo op stop in front of the White House. Departure from DC will be 8pm, with arrival home the next morning at approx 7:30am. There was a charge difference in occupancy rate based on the number of people going and the boosters will pay the difference with money voted on at a prior meeting for approximately $290.

****** IMPORTANT ******

February is nominations month for the band boosters organization. Positions that must be filled are President, VP and Treasurer as well as Grill Master. All positions (others include Secretary and Fundraiser Chair). A form will be posted online to allow people to nominate themselves or others for the officer positions. Voting will take place at the March booster meeting. In April, the new officers take over operations.

Motion to Adjourn 8:30pm made by Chris Frederick, Second by Glenda Willborn



Call to Order 10pm

Attendees: Glenda and Matt Wilborn, Ross Morgan, Chris Kremer, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Leslie Tindall, Darrell Brown, Joyce Garr, Alice Jesse and Mr. and Mrs. Gardner

Darrell Brown opened the meeting by thanking all of the volunteers present that night for pie baking. We will have total profits tallied for the next booster meeting in January. Some of this year’s profits went to pay for industrial mixers that will be especially helpful with this fundraiser in future years.

Ross Morgan reminds there will be NO BOOSTER MEETING IN DECEMBER.

The next payment for the DC trip is due December 1st. This is a hard set deadline, anyone who does not make this payment by that date risks losing their spot in the trip and/or facing a penalty fee. The DC trip will require us to pay for a school nurse to attend (cannot be a parent).

The Woodwinds Honor Band has 36 members and the trip to St. Louis has been approved by Mr. Neihoff.

9-12 grade audition tapes for Morehead are due the first day back from Christmas break.

We had 2 students make first chair in the symphonic band (the top band) in District.

Collins looks to not be marching in the Christmas Parade December 2, we will still be playing in small ensembles throughout town.

The high school concert is December 14 and will be similar format to the last concert. There will be a Christmas Party during class time on December 15 where students are invited to participate in a Dirty Santa Game with a spending limit of $10.

From Ms. Oerther:

7th and 8th grade All District Auditions are Friday December 1 at Oldham County Arts Center. This is a field trip. Ms. Oerther STILL NEEDS ONE MORE ROOM MONITOR PARENT VOLUNTEER FOR THIS EVENT from 9am – 2pm. Please contact Ms. Oerther if you can volunteer.

Middle School Christmas Concert is December 7, 2017 at 7pm at EMS.

District Bands will perform the first weekend in January back from Holiday break at Collins High School.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15pm




Attendees: Mandee Morris, Leslie Tindall, Alice Jesse, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Ross Morgan, Tammy Oerther, Glenda Wilborn, Joyce Garr, Neco Hocker, Chris Kremer

Call to Order 7pm by Chris Frederick

Review of Secretary minutes from the last meeting. No changes needed. Approved.

Treasurer Report:

Checking account balance total $6781.47

Savings Account Balance total $3051.53

Grill Account Season End Balance $5889.57 – Note this is significantly less than we usually end a season with. Missing one game due to rain and having no play off games has made us take a hit.

Report from Ms. Oerther for EMS:

Selling pies currently and working hard to remind students we are not delivering these pies, buyers must come and pick them up from the school the day before Thanksgiving

6th grade – Ms. Oerther has called Clear Creek, Wright and Heritage Elementary schools to set date for tour at the end of January. This coincides with the dates for 5th graders to come and see what instruments they may like to play next year.

7th-8th grade – There are 3 Honor Bands in the works. The Morehead audition recordings have been sent and we should hear in approximately 2 weeks who made it in. District band auditions will be held at the Oldham County Art Center from 9am-2pm on Friday December 1st. We need more volunteers. Lunch is provided to volunteers, sign up through Ms. Oerther. The Winds Honor Band that is being established between East Middle, West Middle and Shelby County High Schools will hold auditions November 14th at EMS. See the Forms page for sign up information. The audition music will be the same as for district band so that students are not required to perfect more than one piece. Rehearsals will be held on Tuesdays and the band will have a maximum of 48 members. This honor band will take a trip to St. Louis May 18-19 with a performance on the 18th and a day at Six Flags on the 19th.

Report from Mr. Morgan:

9th-12th grade does not play for a game tomorrow. They will play however for the away playoff game against Taylor County on 11/3. Depending on the outcome of that game, they could play again on 11/10 at either Collins or SCHS, the location has yet to be determined.

Pie Sales: Pie orders are due November 8 with the money. Pick up will be in the front lobby of SCHS on 11/22 from 9-11am and 5-7pm. Leslie Tindall will report totals of sales from Light Up Shelbyville at the end of that evening so that he can calculate how much supplies or order. We need sample cups, Chris Kremer volunteers to check SAMS for this. The baker, Bob, has agreed to come in town and run through each station to describe what each will need to do on pie night. We could make one batch of each type of pie but that would be expensive so we will likely make approx 6 of each type by cutting the recipe. We will do this to practice/prep the pies for Light Up Shelbyville on 11/9/17 and will start at 6:30pm. If some volunteers could get there a little earlier to help set up the stations, that would be helpful. We are currently short 2 mixers. We are having trouble with the bowl for the one we already purchased. We need 20 quart mixers.

Washington DC trip: There are currently 25 students and 6 adults signed up to attend bringing the total to 31, more than the required 30 to make the trip possible. We still have time for people to sign up to go if they would like to. Room rates in the prices quoted are based on quad occupancy. The upcharges for less than 4 people in a room are as follows: single +$210, double, +$140, triple +$70. Those are total for the nights there so if you were to choose the double upcharge it would be $70 per person and the triple would be a little under $25 per person.

The basketball schedule for the 9-12 graders has been published. The first game will be BEFORE the holiday break on 12/8/17. There is only one band this year (in year’s past we have split into 2 bands and played at every game) so we are only playing at select games. We will play at all of the double header games as well as the district games, there are a total of 7 games before tournament.

We have a new tuba player in the 8th grade, brings it up to 4 total. In class we are covered for instruments but if no one can be convinced to change to baritone we will need several sousaphones for next year. New, sousaphones are around $3200 and we will need at least 3. We are going to try to borrow from other schools before making any purchases.

The Christmas Concert is scheduled for December 14th for 8-12 grades. EMS concert will be held December 7. The Shelbyvile Christmas Parade will have Collins High School band marching and SCHS band set up in ensembles playing all through town. The parade will be 9-12 grades only.

Leslie Tindall made motion to dismiss at 7:40pm. Second Glenda Wilborn.


September 28, 2017

Attendance: Darrell and Tara Brown, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Leslie Tindall, Ross Morgan, George and Hyun Gardner, Alice Jesse, Joyce Garr

Call to Order 7pm by Darrell Brown

Review of Secretary Report, no changes no objections

Treasurer Report: Current balance $5008.14, Savings $3051.53

Grill profit was $800 last game. These totals do not include the $1750 made from the horse show as this check has not yet been deposited.

Treasurer Report approved.

Old Business:

Washington trip – must have 30 paying participants. Cost will be $599 per student if 30 people go, could be less if more people sign up. Cost is $629 for chaperones, siblings would be the same as the student price. Deadline is October 5 to turn in forms and initial payment ($100 non-refundable). Payment schedule will be determined once booking is made. 2 forms have been received so far, expecting many last minute turn ins.

Pie Sales – We are purchasing a 22 quart floor mixer used for $200. It is a 4 speed mixer, 110 volt power. It is not a stainless steel bowl, the bowl is coated in tin and may need to be re-tinned. The sale will start Tuesday of next week, sales being done by all band members 6-12 grade. There will be three types again this year: pecan, pumpkin and transparent. They are 9” pies. Pumpkin will be sold for $8 each, Transparent will be sold for $12 each and Pecan will be $16 each. All proceeds come to the boosters to benefit both band programs. All money will be collected in advance. We can accept cash, check and credit card this year. Pick up will be 11/22/17 from 9-11am and 5-7pm. We will need at least 12 volunteers for pie baking day (the Tuesday before Thanksgiving). We also need 2 volunteers for Light Up Shelbyville on 11/11/17 to collect orders at a booth set up for the band. Samples of each type of pie will be handed out at Light Up Shelbyville. We will need volunteers for sample prepping as well as for pick up day.

Honor Band (7th and 8th grade) – 48 members will be chosen. 2 band directors will attend and 15 passenger vans will be taken to St. Louis. Auditions will be held November 14. Cost has not yet been determined, will be finalized over Fall Break.

Concert scheduled for 10/5/17. Report to the band room at 6:30pm for concert at 7pm. Need 2 people to sell tickets. $5 for adults $3 for students, ages 5 and under are free. There will be 10 ensembles playing a total of 23 pieces. No stopping or talking in between groups.

Middle School concert was a great success, as was the high school concert at Wright Elementary.

There will be no pregame show on Senior Night.

Motion to adjourn by Tara Brown, Second by Alice Jesse   Adjourned 7:50pm



Attendees: Alice Jesse, Leslie Tindall, Glenda Wilborn, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Tara and Darrell Brown, Ross Morgan, Tammy Oerther

Call to Order by Darrell Brown  7pm

Secretary Report – Meeting minutes from last meeting handed out in printed form. Addition to be made: Matt and Glenda Wilborn were in attendance at the last meeting

Motion to approve made by Leslie Tindall, 2nd by Glenda Wilborn; motion carried

Treasurer Report by Chris Frederick:

The horse show went well, we earned $1750. Special thanks to all of the family and friends who volunteered.

Kroger Reward deposit into account this month: $351.65

There is a line item on the statement marked “shoes” that is from when students turned in money for their uniform and shoes all on one check and one check had to be made out for the shoes. This money will be reimbursed back into the Boosters account.

Current checking account balance: $4894.45    Savings Account:  $3051.53

Grilling Account Report made by Darrell Brown with information from Chris Kremer who is not in attendance. $770 of profit was made from the first football game of the year and there is food leftover which will carry over into additional profits at the next game. The total balance currently is $2030 which is back to where it was before the purchase of the fryer (the fryer paid for itself in one game).

Motion to approve financial reports made by Tara Brown and 2nd by Leslie Tindall.  Motion carried

Old Business:

Washington trip: multiple bids have been sought out for this trip for 9-12 grade band members. The cheapest bid shows with 30 paying attendees, the cost is $649 per person. With 40 paying attendees that goes down to $569 per person and with 50 it goes down to $519 per person. Ross Morgan, band director, requests $3000 from the boosters so that we can guarantee attendees the cost will be no more than $550 per person; less if there are more attendees. This cost includes breakfast and dinner daily, it does not include lunches. The proposed payment scheduled would be $150 and commitment to go due by October 1. $100 payments each due Nov 1, Dec 1, Jan 2, Feb 1. The proposed schedule is to leave at 9:30pm Monday March 26, drive overnight. Be in DC from March 27-29. Load up to leave DC at 8pm on March 29 at 8pm and arrive at the high school at 7:30am March 30. This trip has still not been approved through the school board, the hope is that it will be approved by late October. We must move forward with decisions and financials now and if the trip is not approved, all funds will be refunded.

Secretary Meghann Frederick brought up that we are still in need of tubas and proposed that the total booster commitment would be $2250 and the remaining funds be reserved for purchasing a tuba.

Motion to accept amended proposal by Glenda Wilborn and 2nd by Leslie Tindall. Motion carried.

Pie Sales: These will be discussed in great detail at the October Booster meeting. Involved in the process is renting the school cafeteria for the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving and using store bought crusts, make homemade pies in 3 varieties. Pies will need to be picked up at the school the day before Thanksgiving (even though there is no school that day). Anything not picked up will be donated to charity. It is noted some people choose to purchase pies specifically to donate them. Volunteers will be needed in great force for this fundraiser. Pie baking will begin in the afternoon of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and continue late into the night. Discussion was made that one of the only other cost requirements will be paying a cafeteria worker to be on site. Alice Jesse offered up that it is possible she could volunteer for this. She will look into this.

New Business:

Grilling for 9/1/17 cancelled due to weather moving the game to Collins. Estimated loss in revenue is $800 though if the football team does well and there are games added on to the end of the year that loss could be recouped.

September 8 , 2017 game is an away game but the band is performing with the home team band. Bus will leave for North Bullitt High School at 4:30pm. North Bullitt Band Boosters have offered to cook hot dogs and hamburgers for our students as well. They have not yet asked for a financial contribution for dinner, we will keep everyone up to date. Band will be playing in the stands as they would for a home football game and at half time two songs will be performed on the field with the North Bullitt Marching Band. The band director at North Bullitt has advised that the bleachers are much too small and requested we bring chairs. 49 chairs, the entire drumline, tubas and all instruments need to be brought to this game so the trailer will be used for this game (Chris Frederick to drive the trailer).

Mr. Morgan reports on the 7th and 8th grade Honor Band

This is not an official school trip. It is being offered to 7th and 8th grade band members from East, West, Shelby County and Collins. This will be audition based, there will be a set number of players in each instrument. The same music will be used for this as will be for All District so members are not asked to perfect extra pieces. If selected, there will be a one night trip to St. Louis to perform in the St. Louis in the Parks. Trip will depart Friday May 18 at 2pm, drive to St. Louis and perform as the last band of the night at Six Flags. Saturday May 19 will be spent at Six Flags from 10am-7pm. Bus will return by midnight May 19th. No costs are determined yet. Working on reserving a school bus to keep cost down. Cost will be known before the audition process begins.

The first concert for the year for the 8-12 grade bands will be October 5, 2017 at 7pm in the SCHS theater. The theme will be Cosplay, band members will be in costume.

East Middle School report by Tammy Oerther:

First concert will be September 25 at 7pm in the East Middle School Gym.

The recent catalog fundraiser has netted over $4000 in profit, an incredibly successful  result.

Middle School is currently good on tubas, they have been able to buy 2 at drastically reduced costs and the boosters purchased an oboe so their instrumentation is in a good spot.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:03pm made by Chris Frederick, 2nd by Glenda Wilborn


Call to Order 7:30pm
Attendees: Rob and Susan Layne, Sheila Kuhn, Brian and Melanie West, George and Hyun Gardner, Deborah (Spencer) Cerlan, Alice, Jesse and Matthew Spaulding, Scott and Cathy McKnight, Lucy Oldham, Denise Brandenburg, Jelena Perry, Amy Frederick-Cooper, Tina Carter, Russell and Angela Poe, Leslie Tindall, Erin Goodlett, Chris and Meghann Frederick, Darrell and Tara Brown, Ross Morgan, Matt and Glenda Wilborn

Treasurer Report by Chris Frederick
Current Balances:
Main Account $5568.66
Savings $3051.53
Grilling Account $2273.81
Upcoming expenses:
New Deep Fryer, total cost with shipping $785.04. This was voted on at the end of last school year and has been ordered, will be arriving this week.
Motion to approve Treasurer Report: Denise Brandenburg. 2nd: Leslie Tindall. Motion carried.

New Business:

Ms. Oerther is not in attendance at this meeting as she is ill. Middle School report by Ross Morgan.
The middle school has the largest incoming 6th grade band in its history with 90 members.
Upcoming events planned for the 7/8 grade bands include a trip to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra and a trip to an amusement park, likely further away than Kings Island
Expectations for the 8th grade band will not include marching or pep band participation but master classes will be offered after school. The 8th grade band members are invited to participate in all of the after school ensemble offerings with the 9-12 grade band members. This include the music theory class which is a year round commitment and will teach students how to compose music.

Ross Morgan reports on the 9-12 grade band.
Upcoming Events: Travel to All District as well as band clinics and a spring trip to Washington, DC that will cost students about $400. The hope is by not requiring band camp fees this year, many students will be able to participate.
We have 6 incoming tuba players! In light of this we are going to need to find 2 more tubas, which used start around $1700. This will be a fundraising challenge the band boosters are being asked to help with.

Darrell Brown reports on fundraising events:
Horse Show – this event raises the band $1750 and is one of if not the highest grossing fundraiser we have for the year. It entails parents signing up to work the gates for the horse shows. There are shifts Wed-Sat from 4:30-9pm and an additional shift from 9pm-12am on Saturday, though most of the time the gate workers are able to leave around 11:30 from the late shift. Signs ups placed on the table.
Grilling – Boosters and parents volunteer to work the grill at all home football games as well as some cookout events throughout the year. We need approx 10 volunteers for each of 5 home football games this year. Sign ups will be posted on the website and Facebook page soon.
Pie Sale – Sales begin before Thanksgiving and parents and students bake the pies at the school the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. This was a big success last year and we hope it will continue to be so.
Kroger Plus Cards – There is information on the band website on how to link your Kroger Plus Card to the band for free donations based on the sales on that card. You still receive your reward points and discounts.

Communication will be handled this year via three routes: 1) Printed material sent home with students; 2) the band website (shelbycountyband.com) and the Band Boosters Facebook page.

Motion to adjourn Erin Goodlett. 2nd: Brian West.

Meeting adjourned 7:55pm

Band Booster Meeting Notes

Attendees: Darrell Brown, Tara Brown, Erin Goodlett, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick, Ross Morgan, Tammy Oerther, Chris Kremer, Leslie Tindall

Call to order by President, Darrell Brown at 7pm

Treasury Report by Chris Frederick
2 expenses this month: 1) Sousa Awards $70; 2) KMEA $96
Income- Kroger Cards – $360.45
Transferred $24.94 into savings to bring the balance to an even $3050.00 and avoid service charge for non-use
Current Balance Main Account $8251.59

Grilling Account Report by Chris Kremer
Current Balance $2284.81
Rocket Games Income: $329.89
Expenses including renewing the SAMS Club Card for $45 plus food supplies for Rocket Games
Request to discuss purchase of a new fryer, more details later
Motion to approve financial reports by Chris Kremer, 2nd by Tara Brown. Passed without opposition.

Secretary Report by Meghann Frederick
Review of last month’s minutes, name corrections. Kings Island Trip May 13th not May 15th.
Motion to approve Leslie Tindall, 2nd by Chris Kremer, Pass without opposition

Old Business

Booster Bylaws – Changes include changing name to Shelby County Band Boosters, change audit requirements, all decisions to be reached at meetings.
Motion to approve amended bylaws by Erin Goodlett, 2nd by Tara Brown. Passed unopposed.

Outstanding Debt Report by Ross Morgan
Current school account balance $2020
Planning on approx $550 income through the end of this school year including $400 from ticket sales for spring concert and $150 from ticket sales for recent Spectrum Concert
Outstanding debts total $4069.69 including $2000 for assistant band director fees, $1900 for Conrad repairs, Master Class expenses and $422 balance from Dollywood Bus.
Shortage $1891.28
Next year boosters will not be responsible for Assistant Director fees, it will come from the school budget. Asking for $2000 to finish out this year’s outstanding debts, could be as high as $2300.
Motion to approve by Chris Kremer, 2nd by Erin Goodlett. Passed with no opposition.

Rocket Games Report by Leslie Tindall
Had good participation, had some younger band members’ parents participation. Had to shut down early which ate into profits, there was some food leftover that will be used in future cookouts (frozen).

Discussion Re: Need for Fryer led by Chris Kremer
Research into costs has been done, the old fryer is no longer feasible. New model found to be compatible with our needs, will also need a cover for it. The least expensive quote so far has been $599 plus $90 in shipping. The purchase does not need to be made until later in the summer so more research will be done to see if we can find it less expensively. The new model has replaceable burners, a thermostat heat control and will therefore waste less oil.
Discussion re: possibility of offering advertising to businesses who may donate and or supply goods for the cookouts (i.e. propane). This will be discussed further at the next booster meeting. Mr. Morgan will have details prepared by then in reference to advertisement sizes for what donation, etc. We will need volunteers to approach local businesses about sponsorship.

New Business

Horse show: This is a 4 night event that takes 8 people for each of 2 shifts nightly. This fundraiser earns the band $1750. It will be held the first week of August this year, more details available soon. We need a volunteer to head this up, their responsibilities including being at the show to start each night and show workers their duties. It starts typically at 5pm. Darrell Brown will call Beth Snyder to confirm dates, times and number of volunteers needed as well as to confirm our commitment.
Discussion regarding handouts for parents as they leave the banquet requesting volunteers.

Spring Concert – May 8 at 7pm. Ticket collectors will be Darrell Brown and Leslie Tindall. Doors open at 6:45, concert at 7pm.

Band Banquet – May 9 – This year it will be held in the SCHS Cafeteria. Quote received from Fire Fresh BBQ to provide shredded pork, pulled chicken, buns, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, white and brown gravy and baked beans. Cost $8/head. This DOES NOT include paper plates, napkins, silverware, cups, drinks or desserts. Will charge $10/per person to pay for the total meal. Children 5 and under will be free. Erin Goodlett will pick up the food as well as paper goods and desserts and deliver to the school at 5:30pm. For set up, some band kids will be staying after school to help set up. The activities coordinator, Chloe Frederick, will be given a budget of $40 for decorations.

Need to purchase letters for 1st year marchers as well as bar patches and a handful of harps. Also need to purchase engraving for Sousa plaques and director awards, as well as senior gifts. The budget for these items total is $250-$300. Motion to spend up to a max of $400 on these items made by Chris Kremer, 2nd by Chris Frederick. Motion passed unopposed.

Discussion regarding possible cook out fundraiser to be held May 12, 2017 at lunch time. We have in the past prepared lunches that have been sold to other schools and local businesses. This fundraiser made approx. $600 last year. We will need 6+ volunteers, can use students to wrap. In looking further at the calendar for this busy week, it was decided to table this fundraiser until after our next band booster meeting on July 25th that will be held during the Back to School Bash.

The Kings Island trip for 7th and 8th graders was inaccurately reported on the website and in last month’s minutes as 5/15, the trip is 5/13/17.

Graduation is 5/27/17. Band members are to arrive at the school in concert black and report to the band room by 9am.

Discussion Re: Summer Grill Outs. Chris Kremer will contact Kroger to secure dates for June, July and August. In years past, we have made approximately $600-$800 at each one. They are scheduled on Saturdays from 11-2, volunteers will be needed.

Mr. Morgan passed around the information that was given to students to bring home to parents today regarding sign ups for the after school options this coming school year. These are 9 week commitments and students MUST fulfill the commitments they make. If a student proves to be untrustworthy regarding these commitments, they may be refused entry into future offerings that require commitment. As there is a commitment involved, parent signatures are required on the forms.

Ms. Oerther reports the middle school needs tubas and Conrad Music was able to find two for $1600 each. There is already enough money in the account for ¾ of that cost, the remainder will come from fundraisers at the beginning of next school year.

There are currently 48 students in the 9-12 grade bands with an additional 2 members added today. Every person from the 8th grade band but one are moving up into the 9-12 grade band. There will be approximately 90 members in the 2017-2018 band and over 100 members in the 2018-2019 band.

Discussion regarding possible Ice Cream Social to correspond with the back to school bash to give incoming 8th grade band members and parents a chance to learn about the band program (and sign up as volunteers).

Motion to dismiss by Chris Frederick, 2nd by Erin Goodlett. Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm


Band Boosters Meeting 3/30/2017

Attendees: Denise Brandenburg, Chris Kremer, Tammy Oerther, Ross Morgan, Cathy McKnight, Leslie Tindle, Erin Goodlett, Wayne Stover, Darrell Brown, Tara Brown, Chris Frederick, Meghann Frederick

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

Review of minutes from 2/23/17 Meeting

Motion to approve Chris Kremer, second Wayne Stover


Treasurer’s Report (Chris Frederick)

Delfino’s fundraiser raised $100

Current account balance $8082.08 main account. No change to the other two account balances.

Motion to approve made by Darrell Brown, second Erin Goodlett


Budget Discussion for Middle School (Tammy Oerther)

Recent spaghetti dinner raised >$1000, special thanks to those who donated supplies

Budget reviewed, one large purchase planned for a new tuba as there is upcoming student need

7th and 8th grade bands will travel to Kings Island May 15, 2018

Solo and ensemble festival went very well


Budget Discussion for High School (Ross Morgan)

There will be many changes next year – tentative calendar distributed

Unlike past years when only the marching band performed for the Horse Show and Back to School Bash, this year the entire band will perform

There will not be a band camp, instead there will be 2 evening rehearsals for 2 hours in late July

Booster meetings will be held the last Tuesday of each month – AMENDED: Some meetings will be held on Tuesday when they correspond with other band activities, other meetings will be held on Thursday evenings. Please refer to the schedule.

Darrell Brown asked about the contact for the horse show to be sure we make contact in time to let them know we still want to participate in that fundraiser. Denise Brandenburg will get the name and contact information to the next meeting.

There will be many optional after school events – further discussion to follow

This year the 8th grade will not march or participate in pep band. They will participate in concert band and ensembles.

For the 9-12 grade band students, tailgating at football games will be optional. Sign up is required the day before and there will be a $3 charge to cover food. This will save approx $1200-1300 in the budget, the menu will be rotating.

A social committee made up of elected band members will be formed and they will have a annual budget of $200.

There will be floating arrival times for football games next year. At the beginning of the year students will be asked to arrive up to 2 hours before the game to begin dressing, etc. As they become more time efficient, the arrival times will be moved later.

Next year there will be uniforms for everyone, not just marching band. We will order what pieces we need soon but will use the reserves of uniforms we already have first. It may be that all we need are some new pants to go with past season’s uniforms.

At football games next year  the band will perform pregame shows for crowd pleasure at all games, including the games where marching does not take place.

There are currently 3 half time shows scheduled. These will be collegiate style (i.e. UK or WKU, Not OSU). Students will not be required to memorize pieces, they will have sheet music on the field.

*** Question raised – will sports physicals be required next year since this band will be co-curricular instead of extra curricular. Ross Morgan will research this and report at the next meeting.

For this coming school year there will be a drum line as well as a color guard program.

Currently in the plans is an away game to Bullitt East on September 8 and we will put on a joint show with their band at that game. Students will be required to bring money for food; boosters will provide back up money for those students who do not come with money. The bus to this game is included in the upcoming budget. There will be another away game at Franklin County High School where we would like to do a joint show but contact with Franklin County’s band director has not yet been established.

Fall Concert will be held October 5th. There will be 1-2 concert pieces then the bulk of the concert will be from the various ensembles.

There are FB games both Fridays of fall break, we will only perform at the second one. Parents are asked to make vacation plans accordingly. The first Friday of Fall Break we will not perform HOWEVER, we will grill and will need even more grill volunteers than usual as it is the game against MLCHS.

There will not be a Halloween concert this year but there is the possibility of a themed concert where the students can still dress up.

The FB tournament is currently scheduled for 11/18/17, this is the same date as the Morehead Band Clinic for the middle school.

The Band Booster meeting for November will be held while pies are cooling the night of pie preparation in November.

Dec  2 is the Christmas Parade and also All District for the middle school. The decision has yet to be made if we will march at the parade as we have done in years past or if we will set up ensembles throughout town for caroling.

Dec  14 Christmas concert

Dec  16 All State Round Two (round one has not yet been scheduled)

Basketball games in the spring will not be held on a rotation this year as without the 8th graders the band will not be large enough this year to split into 2 groups. Certain games will be chosen to perform at, students will not be expected to perform at all games. All double headers will be some of the games chosen for performance.

A spaghetti dinner will be held in March 2018

Spectrum Concert and Solo and Ensemble Festival in Spring 2018 will be required participation

A trip to Washington DC is in the works for the first week of Spring Break 2018. The approvals from the school board are being submitted at the end of this school year so there will be plenty of time for families to plan financially for the cost. The hope is that families will be able to save up for the trip throughout the year since there will be no band camp fees this year. The projected cost per student is $300-$500.


After School Event Options


Students will have the opportunity to participate in many after school options for band. Each is a 9 week commitment with one exception as follows. This schedule is tentative, the days of each offering could change.  M* represents Ross Morgan  O* represents Tammy Oerther


Monday  –  M*  Jazz Ensemble practice after school until 4:30pm

O*  Teaching at Middle School


Tuesday  –  M*  Meetings – If we can find a VOLUNTEER to be with the kids in the band room, band students can choose to use this time in the band room to practice ensemble pieces self led

O*  Meetings – nothing for the students


Wednesday   –  M*  Ensemble Group 1 Week A and Group B Week 2. These will be choirs of instruments (all brass of all four parts one week), all woodwinds  of all 4 parts the next). This will pair with master classes that will be offered this year every other week (it is not in the budget for weekly master classes)

O*  Percussion Ensemble Group 1 Week A and Group 2 Week B  (this will allow students to participate in both the ensemble group and the percussion groups on alternating weeks)


Thursday  –  M*  Woodwind Ensemble Group 1, Brass Ensemble Group 2

O*  Music Theory, 2 groups – this is the one exception to the 9 week commitment rule. Students who choose to take music theory are making a year long commitment. This will be done in 2 groups of exact same classes so that students can participate in this and still participate in one of the ensembles)


Please note the extended school services bus is available for students to take to various points throughout Shelbyville at 4:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. (Those drop off points include Kroger, Speedway, Hardee’s, B&N in Bagdad, Heritage Elementary and Osprey Cove)


This completes the discussion of changes for next year

All questions and concerns regarding this teaching format should be forwarded to either Mr. Morgan or Ms Oerther on an individual basis.


Ross Morgan review the band budget for next school year (separate)

Tammy Oerther review the middle school band budget (separate)


Pigeon Forge is moving forward, all students have paid. This trip there will be a school nurse going as well. (The school nurse will also go to Kings Island).


Band Banquet reserved at the High School Cafeteria on May 9, 2017. Dinner at 6:30pm, awards at 7:30pm then a dance that will end at 9pm.


Spectrum concert will be held April 25, 2017. Tshirts will not be purchased this year for this event.


High school solo and ensemble was a big success this year, 60 students participated compared to last year when approximately 8 students participated.


Color Guard and Drum Line auditions will be held soon, date/time TBA.


Band photos are completed with the exception of absentees (approx 5-6 students). Those will be taken soon.


Discussion re: Rocket Games for 2017. This is held the first day of the Dollywood trip. Most of our regular volunteers will be on the Dollywood trip and we will need at least 6 volunteers (2 grill cooks, 2 money takers, 2 food runners) for a 9am-1pm commitment. Offerings will include burgers, hot dogs, chips, soft drinks, Gatorade and candy bars. Leslie Tindle is going to work to try to find volunteers so that we do not have to give up this fundraising opportunity.


Officer Election held. Floor opened to last minute additions to the ballot. All office ran unopposed and the new board is:

Darrell Brown – President

Erin Bertholf – Vice President

Chris Frederick – Treasurer

Meghann Frederick – Secretary

Unofficial position – Grill Master – Chris Kremer


Bylaws Discussion led by Wayne Stover

Change name from Shelby County High School Band Boosters to Shelby County Band Boosters to include the feeder middle schools. Change sentence that states audit by independent auditor required annually to audit will be performed by 3 elected members that do not have permission to sign checks annually.

Wayne will type up bylaws to include new revisions and have them ready for approval at the next Band Booster meeting.


Current President, Denise Brandenburg, will go to the bank this week and have her name removed from the signors on the account and Darrell Brown will be added.


Motion to dismiss by Chris Frederick, Second Tara Brown

Meeting ended 8:50pm