There are a lot of updates and important information here, please read through the entire page!


Friday, August 30th – SCHS Football vs. Collins

  • ALL BAND STUDENTS need to report to the band room at 5:30. 
  • Students should eat dinner before they arrive. 
  • Wear your Shelby County Pep Band Shirts (these were given out before the horse show performance in August, we have extra here in the band room)
  • Bring all your music in your flip folder
  • This is a required performance

The horse show was a smashing success thanks to all of the volunteers who stepped up to help! We are so excited by the level of involvement we have seen so far, especially from incoming freshman parents! Thank you SO much!

The school year may seem far away but it is just a few short weeks from now. THERE IS A FOOTBALL GAME BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS ON AUGUST 30th! As always we will grill for this game and sign ups have been posted. If you have never done this before, no worries, it is easy to pick up and a lot of fun to do. Many of our regular parent volunteers have either graduated or will graduate this year so WE NEED YOU!!! I am working on getting a list of all games so that I can post all of them but for now, sign up just shows the August 30 game. The more hands, the shorter the work. We would like volunteers to show up as close to 5pm as possible to help set up. We need to have things on the grill and ready to serve before the game starts, the crowds form early. Please sign up for the August 30 game here: 

Football Grill-Out

Signups form for helping with the Band Sales
  • Please choose a position to fill.
  • Please choose Game night to Volunteer on.


Money Taker 1 Kim Holt
Money Taker 2 Toni Moore
Wrapper 1 Glenda Wilborn
Wrapper 2 Keri Cinotto
Food Runner 1
Food Runner 2
Grill 1 Dan Cerlan
Grill 2
Deep Fryer
Oreo Fryer
Float 1
Float 2



Your new band booster officers have been elected and are as follows:

President – Melanie West

Vice President – Glenda Wilborn

Treasurer – Chris Frederick

Secretary – Meghann Frederick

Grill Master – Dan Cerlan

Shelby County HS Band Boosters Kroger account has changed! The new code is GN222. Sign up is a one time process and then every time you shop at Kroger the band gets a portion of the sale! You still get your fuel points and can still use all coupons, just like normal! Please take a few moments and sign up on your Kroger card to support the band!

New members can enroll by searching for either the new number or the name of your organization.

If you have any questions, please email or visit our website at .