Pick up times for pies are tomorrow, Wednesday from 9-11am or 5-7pm. Pick   up from the lobby at Shelby County High School. Any pies not picked up in that time will be donated to local charities.

Are you ready to help bake all of the pies we sold?!

We will come together in the SCHS cafeteria on Tuesday, November 26 to bake lots of lots of pies and we need lots and lots of help! A minimum of 10 adults and 15 students are needed for this to work, the more the merrier as more hands make less work! The prep will begin during the school day starting around 2pm and it would be great if we could have 2-3 adults available to start that early. The bulk of the baking will begin as close to 5 as we can get volunteers and will go until all pies are made! (Last year because we have lots of help, we were finished by 11pm). Please sign up here:

Pie Baking Event

Signups form for helping with the Baking of Pies

1. Lisa Merchant

2. Chris Frederick

3. Meghann Frederick

4. Glenda Wilborn

5. Melanie West

6. Amanda Mullins

7. Gillian Shepard

8. Renee Dreher

9. Amy Frederick-Cooper

10. Leslie Tindall

11. Kieryn Fannin

12. Jordyn Frederick

13. Carrie McKnight


Shelby County HS Band Boosters Kroger account has changed! The new code is GN222. Sign up is a one time process and then every time you shop at Kroger the band gets a portion of the sale! You still get your fuel points and can still use all coupons, just like normal! Please take a few moments and sign up on your Kroger card to support the band!

New members can enroll by searching for either the new number or the name of your organization.

If you have any questions, please email kcr24@kroger.com or visit our website at http://www.kroger.com .