Hello and WELCOME!

This is your friendly neighborhood band director with a few announcements and happenings!

  • The 6th grade band is ready and rolling and have already learned their very first note (D Concert)!¬† We are 1/3rd of the way to playing SOOOOO many songs! ūüôā¬† If you haven’t seen your student’s instrument, they should be bringing it home on a regular basis and they all know what to practice.¬† Practicing will make them feel so much for successful during class.¬† They should be practicing about 10-15 minutes a day.
  • The 7th Grade band is 63 strong in 6th period.¬† I would like to BRAG ON THEIR LEADERSHIP.¬† Students have been distributing parts, facilitating book purchases, not talking during class (!!!!!WOOT!!!!!!).¬† It’s not even “organized chaos” anymore after the first few days of getting cubbies and instruments.¬† It’s organized awesomeness. We already have our first piece for our first concert and rehearsal is fun for both the kids and for me!¬†I can’t say “WOW” enough.
  • Band Medical Release and Syllabus agreements are due as soon as you can.
  • Books are $13 and can be paid for with cash or check to Conrad Music Service.¬† All the 7th grade books are already here and the remainder of the¬†6th grade books that were needed will arrive tomorrow.¬† If students need supplies (reeds, valve oil, clarinet swabs, etc.), they can either buy them here at school from our band “vending machine” (checks made out to Conrad Music Service, or cash) OR you can purchase them at Mel Owen Music in Louisville, or call Conrad Music Service at 1.800.264.3408 and they can bring it when the repairman comes on Wednesdays.
  • Students will need a Shelby East¬†band polo and khakis for performing.¬† Our first concert will be in October.¬† There will be an order form coming home about ordering a band polo.¬† 7th graders: TRY ON YOURS FROM LAST YEAR.¬† If it fits, you’re good and don’t need another one.¬† If it doesn’t, order a new one.¬† 6th graders: ALL 6th graders will need a band polo.¬† The FORM is what I need up front in order to order the right sizes.¬† If you can’t pay up front, it is COMPLETELY understandable!¬† You’ve got school supplies,¬†chromebooks, school fees, instrument rental, books….SO frustrating, I know!¬† So pay when they come in next month if that help your budget.
  • Private Lessons – If your student is interested in taking private lessons to become even more awesome and have more fun, I have contacts for every instrument if this is something you are interested in!
  • AFTER SCHOOL HELP – Beginning MONDAY August 20th and every Monday thereafter, I will be staying after school at East until 4:30pm in order to help those who are struggling,¬†push those who are gifted,¬†and all those in between.¬† This has been WILDLY popular the last few years, and because of that, I will be also enlisting the help of some high school mentors.¬† This instruction is FREE to students, and makes our band even better.¬† ¬†You do not need to send a note.¬† Simply have your student show up to the band room¬†on Monday when they dismiss car riders in the afternoon.
  • Masterclasses begin next week!¬† Every Wednesday beginning next week, PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS will be coming to East to coach our students in sections during their classes.¬† They take this small-group, specific instruction and bring it back to the full band and it has been so much fun and beneficial for our students.¬† Money for this comes from our fundraising efforts and has fostered a sense of true musicianship among our students as they strive to play even better.¬† Our teachers are amazing and many of them play in the Louisville Orchestra and even have taught at the University of Louisville.¬† Woodwind teachers will begin next week, then brass the week¬†after that.
  • Fundraisers – We do MINIMAL fundraising, but it is crucial.¬† Our Band Boosters are 6-12 and provide us with much support.¬† If you would like to be a part of this AWESOME organization, we meet the last Thursday of the month at SCHS in the band room at 7pm.¬† The next meeting is August 30th.¬† We keep meetings short and we have a good time!¬†6th and 7th grade band will kick off a fundraiser next week.¬† More information will be sent home about that soon.
  • If you’re still reading this, thank you!¬† I promise my future e-mails are not this long…the beginning of the year is crazy and everything is new!

If you ever need to contact me, e-mail is the BEST way.  I answer it promptly, and phone calls sometimes get lost since I work in two buildings (SCHS and EAST).  There are no dumb questions, or any concern too small!  I am here to facilitate your child learning to play an instrument, and love to hear from you.  Thanks so much!

Tammy Fust